Use Turmeric for Ringworm

Ringworm – a skin disease in which the skin appears round or with oval spots. They have sharply defined edges: more red around the outer rim with normal skin color inside. BUT – this is not a dangerous disease, however it is very annoying because of the itching. This disease can affect the scalp (bald spots appear), body, feet and nails.
Ringworm – a highly contagious disease: spread by contact from one side of the body to the another and from one person to another. Hygiene is of paramount importance for the prevention of ringworm. This article will give a handful of traditional remedies that promote the treatment of ringworm in the home.

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Turmeric For Ringworm

Turmeric has great antibiotic properties. A paste made up of turmeric and honey has great healing power and is known for its antibiotic qualities. Thus, it can be a good home remedy for ringworm.
The reasons for the high therapeutic efficiency of turmeric in various fungal skin diseases still remains a mystery, but the Asians use curry to deal with ringworm from time to time.

Take one or two teaspoons of ground turmeric, add a little honey and mix.
Apply it on the affected area and apply 20-60 minutes a gauze bandage. This procedure can be repeated three or four times a day; Discontinue treatment if turmeric causes skin irritation.

Things Required

Turmeric powder

How To Use

Make a paste by combining 1tsp turmeric powder and 1tsp honey. Apply this paste regularly several times a day until the infection goes away.


Lavender is another natural substance which has very powerful antifungal effects. Using it will help to kill the fungi and relieve you from ringworm infection completely.

Things Required

Lavender oil
Sterile cotton

How To Use

Apply few drops of lavender oil on to the infected part using a sterile cotton swab a minimum of at least two or three times a day until infection heals.


Treat Ringworm with Bleach | Does It Work?

One of the most controversial treatments that is said to be used to treat ringworm infection is bleach. Yes, you heard that right. Bleach is said to be effective in treating this fungal infection but how can we really be sure about that? We will look into all the effects that this strong chemical actually has on our skin and how to treat ringworm with bleach.

Bleach is a very strong chemical that is known to contain hydrogen peroxide or sodium hypochlorite depending on its main purpose. Bleach is known to be very effective as a cleaning agent. It is used to remove stains from different materials. It is a highly trusted household cleaning chemical. While it is very efficient in cleaning, it is said to be very harmful on the skin. Bleach is very efficient in killing fungi. Results are quick but the risks are really high. This chemical can cause permanent damages to the skin and who would ever want such effect, right?

In case you are wondering, bleach is prepared in a special way to be used as a treatment for ringworm infection. Chlorine bleach is specifically used and it is mixed with warm water. Cotton swabs are used to apply the mixture onto the affected skin areas. This is done until all of the affected areas are applied on all areas. The solution is left on the skin overnight.

It would be your decision if you want to try this simple remedy to treat ringworm with bleach. However, you must understand that there are a lot of cautions and risks. Bleach is again a very strong chemical and too much of it can actually burn your skin. It can even cause discolorations on your clothes. These permanent damages, most especially on your skin can be very dangerous that is why you have to be very careful in using this treatment method.

You have to check first as well if your skin may be to sensitive. Certain skin types may not be able to handle the strength of the bleach properly. It is always best to consult a trusted physician first before doing anything to treat ringworm with bleach and using it directly on your skin.

These are some of the most important things that you should know and fully understand about bleach. Bleach is not like your ordinary anti-fungal creams, ointments and sprays that you can just readily apply on your skin anytime you want to, bleach is a skin irratant and could easily burn your skin!!  Strictly following instructions is considered to be very important.

Treat Ringworm with Bleach

What Is A Fast Cure For Ringworm

I get asked all the time, “Can you tell me a fast cure for Ringworm?

There are many cures, treatments and home remedies available at your disposal.

While most doctors prescribe some type of weird fungus cream or medication, this isn't always the best route and can do more harm to your body than good. Think about it, anything that isn't natural and is made up of chemicals isn't going to nourish and provide your body with the strength it needs.

The worst thing you can do is to “sit and wait” for it to magically heal on it's own, and is there really a fast cure for Ringworm? When people do this, they're often in for a lot more pain and discomfort than they need to go through. You want this Ringworm condition over and done with quickly, so that you can move on with your life and have this be something of the past.

Over the years I've spent studying and researching Ringworm, I've tested almost every treatment and remedy available on the market. I began exploring home-made remedies, as they are more ideal for your body, are inexpensive, and have been around for centuries. You'd be amazed at what our planet provides us and the power these natural ingredients can have in healing our bodies and providing a fast cure for Ringworm.

Fast Cure For Ringworm

I've broken down the cure for Ringworm into several steps:

1) Treat the rash immediately by getting rid of any itchiness, discomfort and pain. I suggest bathing procedures for this, which are mentioned in my Fast Ringworm Cure e-book program. A bath, combined with special home remedies and ingredients, can get rid of all symptoms quickly and begin healing the rash rapidly.

2) Use natural creams, lotions, or even oils on the rash. This will help kill the fungus and heal the rash quickly. There are certain ingredients, such as special oils, honey, and many others that have powerful healing affects.

3) Strengthen the immune system and body so that it can naturally fight off any infection and heal the body from the inside out. This is often something overlooked, as most people think of a skin condition as an external thing. But by consuming the right foods, while avoiding others, you can heal Ringworm much faster. Certain supplements that your body may be deprived of are key. Not only that, but a strong immune system and body means that you won't have to worry about getting Ringworm, or any other condition for that matter, again in the future.

The important thing is to make sure that you're taking action to cure Ringworm as fast as possible. This article provides some ideas on how to cure Ringworm quickly and effectively, it's now up to you to apply the home remedies and treatments for best result. If you want to know more details about this method, I recommend you check out the Fast Ringworm Cure e-book, which helps people cure Ringworm in less than 3 days.

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Fast Cure For Ringworm

Phytozine vs Bleach To Cure Ringworm

Ringworm (which is also referred to as tinea), is the type of skin condition which grows on the nails, hair, skin, scalp and hands. Ringworm, despite its' name, has nothing whatsoever to do with worms. It's caused by various organisms which belong to the group of mold like fungi which is medically called Dermatophytes. This kind of infection is very contagious, which means it can quickly spread from one person to another and from people to animals. One common way of getting or rather, contracting the skin infection is in the public swimming pools and the rooms where the floors are moist. A re-infection can actually wreck havoc on one's body because the ringworm spores may stay latent for between 6 to 12 months, and then manifest once they come into contact with the human skin.

Ringworm is easy to locate and see owing to the red, itchy, blotchy body parts or missing hair in case it happens to manifest on the scalp. The rash which accompanies the skin infection usually makes a ring like shape, thus the name. Whilst there are numerous prescription drugs in the market that ward off ringworm, most people avoid the pricey and harsh medications. Fortunately, there are various natural ringworm products which are extremely effective, and they do not have unwanted side effects which the expensive prescription medications/drugs are usually known to cause. Among the many anti fungal products in the market, 1 of the most effective and efficient is the Phytozine anti fungal cream.

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Phytozine vs Bleach To Cure Ringworm


Ringworm is quite easily treated using the Phytozine anti-fungal cream which is specially formulated to treat ringworm. This great fungicidal cream is considered to be one of the best products to treat ringworm. It produces quick results in terms of eradicating ringworm infection at various stages. The Phytozine cream doesn't cause dryness, irritation and redness to individuals who have sensitive skin. It actually tackles the skin condition at the very source, prevents the infection from recurring, and leaves behind a clear natural skin rather than some scars where abscesses may form. Phytozine achieves this through its' active ingredient known as Tolnaftate, which is an FDA approved ingredient that is used in treating ringworms.

Because of the Phytozine formulation, it will start to work virtually instantly and great improvements will be seen in a few days. However, since ringworm is somewhat a stubborn disease, you might need to continue using the product for say, about 14 days. It's designed to work best by boosting your immune system, healing rashes, killing bugs which trigger infection, restoring your natural skin appearance and also getting rid of the circular bald patches that are on the skin/scalp. When applied, the Phytozine cream does not just sit on your skin, instead, it tackles and attacks the skin infection from all angles possible.

Many of the Phytozine fungicidal capabilities basically come from the various actions of active ingredients that are present in the cream. The organic compounds it contains work to boost the immune system which helps in fighting against fungi causing infections. In addition to that, it also moisturizes, soothes and conditions your skin.

Main Ingredients

Phytozine is basically comprised of numerous organic ingredients and minerals. It's primary ingredient is known as Tolnaftate, which is a powerful ingredient that's found in most of the popular over counter anti fungal creams. Reason why the Tolnaftate is Phytozine’s key ingredient, is because it's FDA approved for treating ringworms. Many studies have shown that Tolnaftate is a very effective anti fungal compound which can be utilized in treating various illnesses such as Athlete's Foot and Jock Itch. It works by helping prevent fungus growth. Formulation of Phytozine cream also comprises of some essential oils such as Jasmine oil, Tea Tree Oil, Camphor, Lavender Oil, Menthol, just to name a few.

Side Effects

Those who wish to know exactly how to cure/treat ringworm naturally using the Phytozine cream will be glad to know that this product doesn't have any adverse side effects. It's actually the safest way of getting rid of ringworms since it's applied externally. Most times, anti fungal drugs might contain some harmful side effects which can wreck great havoc on the body. The mineral and ingredients which are present in this innovative formulation are carefully chosen and there aren't any unwanted side effects whatsoever. Expectant women and even women who're nursing can also get to employ this brilliant product to treat the infection.


Safe – Phytozine is basically the safest medication available since it's applied externally. Topical anti fungal creams are not only more effective but they are also much safer than the oral medications. The ingredients which are in Phytozine anti fungal cream are specially selected, and they cause no side effects. It's 100% safe, even for pregnant women and/or women who're nursing.

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Fast Results

It's a well known fact that various anti fungal medications might not give you immediate positive results. To treat the disease, some medications take lot of time, whereas Phytozine antifungal cream gives you considerably fast results. When it's applied on the affected area, it immediately shows quick and efficient results by instantly reducing the itchiness and pain. It cures the infection and fights the fungi thus helping prevent the spread of ringworm. In short, the product works efficiently and quickly.


Phytozine is considered as the most efficient and effective anti fungal cream when it comes to treating ringworm. Since, it doesn't contain any notable side effects, it works quickly and efficiently. The anti fungal properties which are found in the Phytozine product help users get rid of ringworms completely.


Phytozine may be used twice or more times a day. You should let the affected area(s) dry before you gently apply coats of Phytozine all through the day. However, do not over apply the cream if you're applying more than twice a day so that the supply can last longer. It's advised you keep using the cream for a few more weeks even after ringworm signs have completely disappeared.

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In conclusion, it's crucial for people who're looking for tips and advice on how to effectively treat ringworm naturally using the Phytozine cream to know that the product has a significantly much higher success rate as compared to most other products that are on the market today. In case the ringworm skin infection happens to become defiant, or you don’t get quick results, be patient, things will improve as you continue applying the product.


Generally associated with removing stains out of the white clothes and garments, bleach is also usedas a home remedy or treatment, for nail and skin fungal infections. It's effective at killing the fungus. At times, people may see results in a day or 2.
Problem is that the bleach is actually a chemical agent which isn't meant to be applied or used on hair, skin or nails. It not only burns when applied, but it can also cause scarring.

Tips to Prevent the Spread of Ringworm

Being particularly contagious, ringworm can easily spread to the other body parts or even to other people. Its' transmission is a lot more common in the humid climates. You should maintain proper personal hygiene by regularly cleaning your hands, and trying to keep your skin dry and clean all through the day. In order to avoid, or rather, prevent transmitting the infection to other people, you should avoid:

-Direct skin contact with the red sores (you should avoid hugging and always use a condom during sex)
-Sharing clothing
-Borrowing any contaminated combs, hair brushes, or other such items from the family members
-Using the public shower, swimming pools or equipment at the gym
-Using unwashed bedding
-Playing any contact sports like wrestling
-Touching animals/pets with bald spots

phytozine ringworm

Bleach Bath For Ringworm

Some patients prefer to self-medicate and use bleach which is all good and well BUT does it actually work, what happens when you use bleach on ringworm?

Does Bleach Work For Ringworm?

The answer to this question is yes. Bleach does help to kill ringworm. However, it comes with side effects. This is one of the options through which one can treat ringworms and many people claim that they have gotten the results they were looking for within a few days. However, just as its name suggests, this option does come with its own disadvantages considering the fact that the chemical is caustic in nature. As such, the use of bleach could leave you with scars on the areas of the skin you applied it, plus the fact it IS corrosive and really should NEVER be used as a skin treatment, period!

While you can use it as an alternate ringworm treatment, it is important that you use it for short periods of time only. Its long term use could be poisonous and could prove to be dangerous to your health. If bleaching does not produce any results within two days, it is advised that you consider looking for other treatment options.

The only way, in my opinion, to completely remove Ringworm safely is to use Phytozine.  I know I have been plugging this product many times on this site but it really does work and if you are quick enough you can still get 30% off (only with the 3 month and 5 month supply), not only that but you will be covered with a 60 day, YES SIXTY DAY money back guarantee, NO questions asked – you really can't lose, and this really does work!!

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How To Use Bleach On Ringworms

Bleach can be beneficial when it comes to eradicating ringworms, but there are very high chances that it would leave scars around the affected area. If you do not mind the scaring, then you need to consider following these steps to ensure that you use the chemical safely when making your bleach bath for ringworm:

– Measure two equal parts of bleach and water and mix them together.
– Using soap and water, clean the infected area and then dry it.
– Apply the mixture on the infected area using a cotton swab or cotton ball. Make sure the bleach does not touch any other areas other than the affected part.
– Leave this mixture on the infected area for some time until it dries. It is important that you do not wash it off unless it starts to burn. It is important to note that discomfort may be experienced if the mixture is washed off earlier.
– Repeat this process over three consecutive days.
– If the infection is still visible on the 3rd day, it is advised that you consult your doctor or consider trying out another ringworm removal remedy.

This option is best for use in the event you have a ringworm infestation – that is if the infection is visible in more than one part of your body. Add 6-8 cupfuls of the bleach to warm water before soaking the affected area(s) for no more than 20 minutes. Completely dry the area. Do this for several days and see the kind of results you get.

Using Nail Polish to Treat Ringworm

Nail Polish to Treat Ringworm

Being a very common fungal infection causing the fingernails, scalp and other parts of the body such as arms, back and toenails to itch and burn, it’s necessary to find cheap yet effective treatment options. Ringworm is infectious and you’ll know you've got ringworm when you notice, itchy, scaly and acne-like spots in your skin. There are quite a number of treatment options prescribed by doctors including anti-fungal creams that can be used to combat this infection. There also home remedy options such as applying tree tea oil, honey, apple cider vinegar, nail polish and aloe vera. Here, we’re going to learn how you can use nail polish to treat ringworms. Despite the vast number of ointments and creams available at your local drugstore, it seems natural home remedy methods are proving to be more effective.

How Nail Polish Treatment Works To Remove Ringworm

In many online forums, many people who have tried to use this method have found it completely effective. The nail polish seals the pores found the scaly, ring-like infection, depriving the fungus of oxygen causing it to deteriorate. The fungus will die and your skin will respond by shedding off the ringworm until your skin retains its original healthy state.

Application Procedure

When applying this treatment to the infected area, there are things you should know. First, use a flashlight to identify the fungus before you start applying the polish. An infected are will appear as an electric apple green color. Ensure that the fingernail polish that you’re using is clear. Also, ensure that you cover the infected area completely with the clear nail polish so that all the affected area get treated because the colored ones take longer to dry. Allow the polish to dry up over the affected area and after a couple of hours, normally 8 hours, wash off the polish and reapply it after around 10-20 minutes. Repeat this procedure for weeks until the ringworm is completely removed.


This method may not work well for all people since some people are allergic to contents of the nail polish. This may not be the best solution for those people with delicate skin because commercial nail polishes contain various toxic elements such as formaldehyde, dibutyl phthalate and toluene. This is the reason why all cosmetics containing phthalates have been banned by the European Union.

Ringworm is not a serious infliction and that’s why many people opt for home remedies. If nail polish doesn’t work for you, you can try other home treatment options as mentioned earlier. Ringworms are irritating creating a lot of discomfort. Treat these fungal infections as soon as noticing them to prevent them from spreading.