Bleach Bath For Ringworm

Some patients prefer to self-medicate and use bleach which is all good and well BUT does it actually work, what happens when you use bleach on ringworm?

Does Bleach Work For Ringworm?

The answer to this question is yes. Bleach does help to kill ringworm. However, it comes with side effects. This is one of the options through which one can treat ringworms and many people claim that they have gotten the results they were looking for within a few days. However, just as its name suggests, this option does come with its own disadvantages considering the fact that the chemical is caustic in nature. As such, the use of bleach could leave you with scars on the areas of the skin you applied it, plus the fact it IS corrosive and really should NEVER be used as a skin treatment, period!

While you can use it as an alternate ringworm treatment, it is important that you use it for short periods of time only. Its long term use could be poisonous and could prove to be dangerous to your health. If bleaching does not produce any results within two days, it is advised that you consider looking for other treatment options.

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How To Use Bleach On Ringworms

Bleach can be beneficial when it comes to eradicating ringworms, but there are very high chances that it would leave scars around the affected area. If you do not mind the scaring, then you need to consider following these steps to ensure that you use the chemical safely when making your bleach bath for ringworm:

– Measure two equal parts of bleach and water and mix them together.
– Using soap and water, clean the infected area and then dry it.
– Apply the mixture on the infected area using a cotton swab or cotton ball. Make sure the bleach does not touch any other areas other than the affected part.
– Leave this mixture on the infected area for some time until it dries. It is important that you do not wash it off unless it starts to burn. It is important to note that discomfort may be experienced if the mixture is washed off earlier.
– Repeat this process over three consecutive days.
– If the infection is still visible on the 3rd day, it is advised that you consult your doctor or consider trying out another ringworm removal remedy.

This option is best for use in the event you have a ringworm infestation – that is if the infection is visible on more than one part of your body. Add 6-8 cupfuls of the bleach to warm water before soaking the affected area(s) for no more than 20 minutes. Completely dry the area. Do this for several days and see the kind of results you get.