Can Pet Ringworm Spread To Humans

Fungus infection causes ringworm. Although the name worm can be confused with the parasitic worms, they have nothing to do with worms. They have a shape of a ring. The infection is itchy and results in hair loss. The fungus responsible for spreading the disease is mostly found in moist places. Maintaining a high level of hygiene can prevent the infection from affecting your pets as well as your family members.

Can pet ringworm spread to humans?

Yes, pet ringworm can spread to humans. Professionals such as vets who treat pets are at a higher risk of contracting the infection. If you have pets such as dogs and cats which have been affected by the ringworm, you should take drastic steps such as contacting professionals who will help you with treatment. The fungus causing the infection can be spread through contact, you should limit your contact with the skin of pets affected with the ringworm.

Steps for you to take to avoid spread of ringworm from pets to humansCan Pet Ringworm Spread To Humans

Visit a vet immediately you see signs of ringworm

To avoid cases where the infection will spread to other areas of the skin of your pet, you need to call a professional for the treatment. A vet will come and diagnose the condition after which he will offer the right treatment. This will prevent further suffering of your pet. The ringworm make the skin itchy on your pet which could cause restlessness. Your family members will be restricted from interacting with the cat or dog due to fear of infection.

How to prevent ringworm spread from humans to pets

The fungus infection can as well spread from people to pets. If you see signs of ringworm on your hands or other body parts, you should try and avoid direct contact with your pet on such affected areas. You can as well put strategies in place to avoid contacting the infection. Among the best ways, you can apply to avoid sharing items such as towels and going to locker rooms barefooted.

Pet ringworm treatment

There are several ways you can use to get rid of ringworm; you can decide to buy topical medication and apply or visit a vet who will offer you treatment. It is necessary for you to seek early treatment so that you will avoid cases where you can transmit ringworm to your pet.