Does Bleach Kill Ringworm On The Skin

Ringworm, as we know is a kind of skin infection which is in the shape of a ring and red raised rash is its characteristic. It is an infection caused by fungi and not by a worm as the name suggests! Tinea, which is the official name for ringworm, can appear on any parts of the body such as toenails, fingernails, scalp, feet and even on hands. If you are affected by it, then you need to kill it off as soon as you are sure of the diagnosis! It is highly contagious and can be transferred to the other family members or intimate friends. As prescribed by some doctors, there is an anti-fungal cream, which is a standard cure for it. There are also many natural remedies to get rid of it. Some people use bleach as one of the treatment to eradicate it. Now, does bleach kill ringworm on skin?

Kill Ringworm Without Bleach?

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Does Bleach Really Work?

Yes, bleaching does help in eradicating the ringworm infection, but also has side effects. It is one of those methods where people have claimed that they found the results within a couple of days. But, as the name suggests, bleach is a caustic chemical and it does have disadvantages. Depending on the strength used, it can burn and cause severe irritation.  It can be used as a treatment, but for a short period of time only, for long term use it can be poisonous and very dangerous to health. Other treatment options should be tried immediately if bleaching doesn't help to remove the infection.

How Can I Use Bleach to Kill Ringworm?

Using bleach can be useful, but there is a risk of possible scaring on the affected area. If you're unsure how to use it then you must follow these steps to prevent any harm to yourself:
– Take equal parts of water and bleach and make a mixture.
– With the help of water and soap, clean the area that is affected and dry it.
– Apply the diluted bleach with a cotton ball or cotton swab on the infected area. Make sure that the bleach doesn't touch anywhere else!
– Give it some time to dry and remember not to wash it unless it starts to burn or you experience discomfort .
– Repeat the process for the next 72hrs.
– If the ringworm is still present on the third day, then consult a doctor or use some other method to remove it.

There is also an alternative bleach treatment known as bleach bath. If you are affected by the ringworm on any other places on your body, then this method can be helpful. In warm water, add 6 to 8 capfuls of bleach and soak the affected area for about 15-20 minutes. After this dry the area completely, try this method for a couple of days to see results.