How I Cured My Ringworm

Curing ringworm is not that hard if you follow the right regimen and procedures. The good thing is that you don't have to spend a lot of money on treatments since the medication to be used is easily available. I never knew how cheap it was until the day I knew I had ringworm.  Before we look at how I cured my ringworm, let’s learn a little about the ‘scaly devil'!

Ringworm of the skin is an infection that is caused by fungus. Jock itch is much more in men than in women. This is may be caused by the spread of athletes foot fungus up the groin..

How I Cured My Ringworm.

Ringworm IS NOT caused by any type of worm rather it’s caused by a fungus. The kind of fungus that causes ringworm lives and spreads on the top layer of the skin and on the hair. They usually grow well in environments such as swimming pools and locker rooms because they are warm and moist, favoring the growth of the fungus.

Ringworms are contagious. It can spread through skin to skin contact with a person or animal that has it. Sharing of towels, sports gear and clothing with a person who has ringworms can also another way a person can get the ringworm.

The ringworms can affect any part of the body. When it appears on the hand, it looks like athlete's foot. The skin on the palm of the hand becomes scaly, dry and thick. The skin between the fingers might also have open sores and is moist.

If the ringworm is not treated, the cracks could crack and become infected with bacteria. This will force the use of antibiotics. These were some of the things I had to learn about the ringworms before I knew how to treat it permanently. Since then, I have not experienced ringworm again. The treatment helped me return to my normal condition. This is how I cured my ringworm.

I treated the ringworm using an anti-fungal cream. Most of them can be purchased from the local drug store without a prescription. The non-prescription anti-fungal cream has clotrimazole, which can be used to treat Thrush, or miconazole, used for yeast infections, in it which are active anti-bacterial treatments themselves. I used Phytozine cream to cure my ringworm, I had been looking on the internet for ways to get rid of ringworm fast at home and to be honest, there were so many different ways that people were recommending that I was a little confused!  Eventually, I plumped for Phytozine simply because of all of the recommendations and testimonials from real users who had had positive results from using it.

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My first step was to wash the affected areas of the rash using soap and water. Dry it thoroughly until there was no sign of moistness on the skin. For large areas of blistered sores, you use compresses which you can get in most drug stores, the compresses dry and soothe the blisters.  Then carefully apply the anti-fungal cream on the affected areas until it slightly covers my rash. To ensure each of the infected areas is covered, apply the cream slightly outside the border or edge of the rash.

There are instructions that you should follow on the package:
When you start to see the symptoms starting to go away, don’t stop using the cream. Make sure you continue the treatment for around four weeks to be on the safe side. If after two weeks of anti-fungal medication there are no visible improvements then it may be necessary to visit the doctor.

Mine started to disappear within a few days of using the cream. If you happen to have ringworm AND athletes foot, you should treat both infections independently. I must stress however that ringworm IS still infectious during treatment!

That's how I cured my ringworm permanently and I haven't had another infection since then. The next time you realize you might have ringworm, don't freak out because the treatment is simple and easy to do at home.


How I Cured My Ringworm.