What Is A Quick Cure For Ringworm?

If you have a problem with a ringworm rash then follow our sixteen steps for a quick cure for Ringworm.

Home Remedies For Ringworm


Apply antifungal cream or lotion. If you have a mild case of ringworm, you can use an antifungal cream to fight the infection.
This will help relieve some symptoms and eliminate ringworm  

  • Creams and lotions like clotrimazole or terbinafine can help you treat ringworm
  • Apply the cream or lotion as indicated in the dosage or by your doctor. As a rule, you should treat the area of infection for 2 or 3 weeks.
  • You can buy antifungal creams at most pharmacies and in some supermarkets or speciality stores.


Slice a clove of garlic and hold it on the ringworm. Garlic is a food known for its antifungal properties.
By applying garlic to the ringworm, you will get rid of the infection  

  • Peel the clove of garlic and slice it thinly. Place the slices on the ringworm infected area and cover them with a bandage
  • Let the garlic slices act overnight. Continue to apply garlic until the ringworm disappears


Apply apple cider vinegar to the ringworm. Apple cider vinegar is another food known for its medicinal properties.
You could kill ringworm by applying apple cider vinegar on it for several days  

  • Moisten a piece of cotton or a compress with apple cider vinegar and apply directly to the affected area  
  • Apply apple cider vinegar 3 to 5 times a day for 1 to 3 days


Apply salt and vinegar to dry ringworm. Some people recommend preparing a paste with salt and vinegar and applying it on ringworm.
This could help you make ringworm disappear within a week  

  • Mix salt and vinegar to obtain a paste that you apply directly to the ringworm  
  • Let the salt and vinegar work on the ringworm for 5 minutes, then rinse the dough with water
  • You may have to wait up to a week to see ringworm disappear using this treatment


Use lavender and tea tree oil. Tea tree oil and lavender oil have powerful antifungal properties.
By applying one of these oils to ringworm, you can stop its development and completely kill the ringworm

  • Mix one measure of water with a measure of tea tree oil. Use this diluted tea tree oil solution twice daily on the affected area
  • It may take you up to four weeks to completely cure ringworm with this method
  • Apply a small amount of lavender oil to the affected area. You may have to wait a month before the ringworm is completely cured
  • If pure lavender oil is too strong for your skin, you can try diluting it with a little-distilled water.


Try a solution of aluminium salts. Aluminum salts, for example, aluminium chloride or aluminium acetate, are known for antiperspirant effects.
quick cure for ringwormThey block the production of sweat and help relieve ringworm

  • Mix one measure of this solution with 20 parts water.
  • You must apply the solution every 6 to 8 hours. It is advisable to apply the solution before going to bed because the production of sweat is lower during the night.
  • You must rinse the solution before you start sweating too much. Repeat these steps until ringworm disappears.
  • You can buy aluminium salts in pharmacy.


Take care of your hygiene. Good hygiene is an essential part in the prevention and treatment of ringworm.
Take good hygiene habits, such as washing your hands or washing your personal items, to treat this fungal infection, to avoid contaminating others and to help you avoid catching it again


Stay clean. Ringworm comes from a parasite that feeds on skin cells on the upper layer of the skin
By washing yourself daily and washing your hands frequently, you could prevent the appearance of ringworm

  • Use a mild cleanser or simple soap to clean your hands after using the toilet or touching surfaces that other people touch
  • If you take showers in a gym or other type of cloakroom, you should wear plastic sandals to prevent ringworm infection in the feet or other areas


Use antifungal shampoo for ringworm on the scalp. If you have caught ringworm on the scalp, use an antifungal shampoo that contains ketoconazole (eg Nizoral).
It is a simpler and more effective method than other home remedies. You should consult your doctor if you have caught ringworm on the scalp, as you should also take oral medication

  • It may also be helpful to use a tea tree oil shampoo


Dry your skin well before wearing clothes. Be sure to let your skin dry completely after showering.
This avoids humid environments that allow the proliferation of mycoses

  • You can dry your skin with a towel or let it air dry.
  • Use talc or cornflour to keep the skin dry. These products help to absorb excess sweat. Reducing the amount of sweat will help prevent fungal infections.


Avoid sharing personal items. Ringworm is highly contagious. Do not share your personal belongings and do not borrow those of others.
This will help prevent ringworm or possible reinfection

  • Towels and clothing can help spread the fungus that clings to the tissues
  • Hairbrushes and combs can also transmit ringworm, which is why you should not share or borrow such objects


Avoid getting too dressed to stay cool. Whatever the time of year, try not to wear too much clothing.
Wear appropriate clothing for the weather to avoid perspiration and create conditions favourable to the development of ringworm

  • During the summer wear soft, light clothing. Cotton is an excellent option because it allows the skin to breathe
  • Wear several layers during the winter. If you start to get too hot or sweat, it will be easier for you to remove clothes without getting too cold. Merino wool is a great option for winter because it keeps you dry and warm


When To Seek Medical Attention For Ringworm


Consult your doctor. If home remedies do not help you get better or cure ringworm or if ringworm is on your scalp, see a doctor.
Your doctor can help you put in place a treatment that allows you to treat underlying or ringworm-related disorders, including skin infections

  • Your family doctor or dermatologist can diagnose ringworm and treat you
  • Your doctor will perform a physical examination to check for signs of ringworm and he probably will ask a health history, including a list of factors which you have been exposed in contact with humans or animals that may have ringworm
  • It could be difficult to cure ringworm in your home if you have a weakened immune system or diabetes. You must then consult a doctor


Take tests and get a diagnosis. Your doctor will probably diagnose ringworm simply by seeing it.
They may request additional testing to confirm the diagnosis and initiate treatment

  • If your case is unclear, your doctor may take a skin sample to observe under a microscope. This can help identify fungal infection and make a safer diagnosis


Use antifungal creams prescribed by your doctor. Depending on the severity of your case, your doctor may prescribe an antifungal cream.
Stronger than over-the-counter creams and lotions, antifungal creams help relieve the symptoms of ringworm more effectively

  • Be sure to follow your doctor's instructions when using a non-prescription antifungal cream


Take oral medication. Many doctors prefer to prescribe oral medications to treat ringworm. Be sure to tell your doctor about any medical problems you may have, allergies or medications you are taking, pregnancy, or trying to get pregnant. Take these medications as directed by your doctor to effectively treat ringworm

  • Most oral medications for ringworm contain terbinafine, itraconazole, griseofulvin and fluconazole
  • Oral antifungal medications should be taken generally for 8 to 10 weeks. They are available in most pharmacies
  • Be sure to follow the dosage instructions for the best effects possible.
  • You may notice side effects from taking these medications, such as diarrhoea, nausea, headaches and indigestion
  • Inform your doctor of these side effects if they become too much of a nuisance.
  • If you have ringworm infection in your scalp, your doctor may suggest that you use antifungal shampoo at the same time as the oral medications
  • If you have ringworm infection, your doctor may suggest that you use antifungal nail polish at the same time as oral medications
  • Your doctor may give you blood tests before, during and after your treatment.

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