Using Nail Polish to Treat Ringworm

Using Nail Polish to Treat Ringworm

Being a very common fungal infection causing the fingernails, scalp and other parts of the body such as arms, back and toenails to itch and burn, it’s necessary to find cheap yet effective treatment options. Ringworm is infectious and you’ll know you've got ringworm when you notice, itchy, scaly and acne-like spots in your skin. There are quite a number of treatment options prescribed by doctors including anti-fungal creams that can be used to combat this infection. There also home remedy options such as applying tree tea oil, honey, apple cider vinegar, nail polish and aloe vera. Here, we’re going to learn how you can use nail polish to treat ringworms. Despite the vast number of ointments and creams available at your local drugstore, it seems natural home remedy methods are proving to be more effective.

How Nail Polish Treatment Works To Remove Ringworm

In many online forums, many people who have tried to use this method have found it completely effective. The nail polish seals the pores found the scaly, ring-like infection, depriving the fungus of oxygen causing it to deteriorate. The fungus will die and your skin will respond by shedding off the ringworm until your skin retains its original healthy state.

Application Procedure

When applying this treatment to the infected area, there are things you should know. First, use a flashlight to identify the fungus before you start applying the polish. An infected are will appear as an electric apple green color. Ensure that the fingernail polish that you’re using is clear. Also, ensure that you cover the infected area completely with the clear nail polish so that all the affected area get treated because the colored ones take longer to dry. Allow the polish to dry up over the affected area and after a couple of hours, normally 8 hours, wash off the polish and reapply it after around 10-20 minutes. Repeat this procedure for weeks until the ringworm is completely removed.


This method may not work well for all people since some people are allergic to contents of the nail polish. This may not be the best solution for those people with delicate skin because commercial nail polishes contain various toxic elements such as formaldehyde, dibutyl phthalate and toluene. This is the reason why all cosmetics containing phthalates have been banned by the European Union.

Ringworm is not a serious infliction and that’s why many people opt for home remedies. If nail polish doesn’t work for you, you can try other home treatment options as mentioned earlier. Ringworms are irritating creating a lot of discomfort. Treat these fungal infections as soon as noticing them to prevent them from spreading.